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Oct. 8th, 2008

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Oct. 6th, 2008

Getting Cold(er)!

I had to wear my Marmot windproof jacket inner shell, 180s earmuffs, and Gore-tex deerskin leather gloves while riding my Del Sol LXi hybrid bike to ESRI this morning. At least it'll warm up by the time I need to ride back. I brought shorts and a tank top, cause I'll probably need them around 2pm today, heh.

My weekend went by soooo fast! On Friday I was in a 3.5 hour class taught be someone from HR in the group called Employee Performance and Development Systems. This group was made to create a standard way for us to do out yearly reviews. Seriously, we talked about "effective feedback" for about 3 hours. It was kinda hilarious, cause they are doing this in small groups of ~10 people. We had to read these exercises and say whether the people followed the STAR/AR model. Situation/Task, Action, Reaction, Alternate Action, Alternate Reaction. Pretty much, it reminded me of my Peer Mediation (12th grade) and RA (Sophomore) classes I took in school. I described it to Mike as one of those "let's learn how to study!" classes. At least I had some fun people in my group so we were reading between the lines and being really cynical about it all. Afterwards, Karie and I were talking about how we're gonna call Marco out when he isn't using the STAR model. Heheh. The main point of this is that it bothers me that we have a group at ESRI that was designed specifically to teach everyone how to give and take feedback from others. It seems VERY silly that we need it. I guess it's a good sign though. Such an unnecessary (new) group in this kind of economy just reiterates how strong the company is, so it is a good sign.

On Saturday, Ralph and I clean clean cleaned! We bleached the whole bathroom, cleaned off the cabinet in there, and I cut off 10" from the bottom of the shower liner. I read about this fron Hints from Heloise...the water is going to drop down anyway, get rid of the part that bunches up at the bottom and there will be less mildew. Marge told us to get one of the mildew-free liners from Kohls (yes, it is still mildew free!), but Mike always puts the liner on the outside when he takes a bath. This way, you can take a bath without the liner bunching up along the back. I am really excited about this. It makes the tub look a lot cleaner too. [Hold on, donuts. Hahah, Tamara is hilarious. She was craving donuts, so she went out and bought 3 dozen.] We also cleaned & organized the spice cabinet (Mike helped with this one). There is so much room now! I am pretty excited about it. Ralph and I bleached the kitchen floor, then cleaned it, and the mop was STILL dirty! Next, we went outside to sweep off the deck. This made my lower back hurt incredibly bad for the rest of the day, but it really needed done! After a nice hose-off, the deck looked (and felt) great. While I did this, Ralph was busy eating the mushrooms growing next to the orange tree.

Sunday was more of a relaxing day. We got up and had breakfast with Mike, then did some odds & ends till about 1. It seemed like a nap was in order, so we slept for about 4 hours. It was quite excellent. When I got up, Ralph was very excited...cause I am the one who gives him lunch! I made some Chinese food for dinner, and Mike said it was delicious. The other day I was thinking that I'm not that great at cooking, but now I think that I am just really good at making Asian food.

Speaking of Ralph being excited...He has been a little jerk lately. He doesn't understand that he's not allowed to run down the driveway and into the street and all. It is hard to get him back, cause he just wants to eat everything on the ground, so he thinks we are getting angry with him for that. Mike and I are thinking about putting up a fence for him. We will have to look into it, but it seems like a pretty good idea. I just can't deal with him acting like this anymore, and it would be a lot safer.

For now, we have the Halloween party to focus on. Actually, we need costume ideas! I want to make a little costume for Ralph, too. Nothing too intense though. I have already started a list of things we need to get/make/do. It is so exciting! A Halloween party is a really easy way to have a party and show people our house, too. There is a built-in theme, and our house will have decorations up, so it won't have to look like everything is perfectly in order (like I would want it to look otherwise).

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